Tolerance Anti-Anxiety Formula

  Fights Stress 4 Ways at Once!










Uses Secrets of the Russian Space Program & Sacred Herbs from Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. This extraordinary formula CALMS the nerves (1), then RELIEVES anxiety (2), RELAXES tension (3) and then helps the body ADAPT (4) to the crushing load of stress in today's helter-skelter world.  And it does all this without the use of dangerous drug compounds that leave you "drugged".  The genius of both Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine along with Mother Nature's wisdom, are all combined to produce a formulation that fights stress fast, surely and safely. Mega B-Vitamins help regenerate the nervous system as well as rejuvenating exhausted brain and central nervous system "batteries".  The Chinese and Ayurvedic compounds have been used and revered for literally thousands of years for their ability to help the body "adapt" to the stress engulfing it.  The core of this formula has been used and tested and adopted by the Russian Space Program to relieve stress, anxiety and depression that occurs with long periods of time in outer-space exploration.  No less than 130 individual ingredients of minerals, amino acids, herbs, vitamins and phytonutrients have been combined to create a true wonder-nutrient.

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