Edgar Cayce "Atomized Iodine" Thyroid Formula

  Iodine - the Missing Element?

Edgar Cayce is renowned for his "visionary" instructions that would come to him as messages from God and the Heavens.  His miraculous "channelings" resulted in thousands of "instructions" for all body, mind, spirit and soul health.  In particular, Cayce was given the instruction that the Thyroid Gland was the "junction box" for the entire endocrine system.  It is at the base of ALL bodily functions.  Cayce also was told that IODINE is the great missing element in all mankind which is why today problems associated with thyroid impairment or malfunction are epidemic in their proportions.

This extraordinary formulation, recreated by famed Edgar Cayce scholar, researcher and author, Philip Thomas is an exact recreation of the famed "ATOMIDINE" formula and is recommended strongly for all thyroid health requirements.


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Item#3430 - (1/2 oz. dropper bottle/2 month supply)


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