Protein Plus
With Chromium Chelavite - U.S. Patent #5,614,553

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Next to water, protein is the body’s most plentiful substance. It is the major source of building blocks for muscles, new blood, skin, hair, nails and intestinal organs, including the heart and brain. Protein and its precursors, peptides and amino acids, work at the deepest hormonal level of the body controlling basic body functions like growth, sexual development and metabolism. At even more basic levels, enzymes, necessary for immune function and antibody response, are also formed from Protein. Protein also helps regulate body chemistry and fluid balance. 

Great for dieters wanting to maintain muscle mass or athletes wishing to develop lean muscle tone and for anyone seeking protein supplementation. This incredible product combines essential proteins with chromium, recognized for its ability to reduce body mass without destroying tissue.  This super-upgraded formulation contains not one, but two forms of ultra-powerful, non-dairy protein and ocean sourced peptides for dramatic protein action within the body to maximize other proteins and help trigger fat-burning action while promoting important tissue generation. 
Protein Plus is part of our complete
24 Hour Diet weightloss program!

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