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Phytonutrients are powerful food factors, found in fruits, vegetables, herbs and other whole foods, that elicit profound effects on the maintenance of health and disease prevention.  Scientists are learning that phytonutrients may assist in cleansing, detoxifying, and rebuilding the human bloodstream.  Phytonutrients may also help to prevent chronic, degenerative diseases, including many cancers.  In addition, studies have shown that phytonutrients may help reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and relieve allergies.  PhytoBlast contains a concentrated, balanced blend of fruits, vegetables, pure  antioxidants, plant minerals, and essential vitamins.  Plus a proprietary blend of 8  plant enzymes which serve as a digestive aid, helping our bodies to break down fat, protein, carbohydrates, and soluble fibers.  Only one spoonful provides the recommended daily value of 41 fruits and vegetables.

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