Wayne Garland's Master Formulas for Cats & Dogs

              Let's Save the World's Pets...
                                  One Cat at a Time / One Dog at a Time!

Our pets now suffer the same debilitating diseases we do.  Mother Nature and VQ's Original Wayne Garland's Master Formulas To the Rescue.  This is your Online Holistic HealthCare Center!!! 

Our pets need as much help as we do fighting disease and staying healthy.  Commercial pet food is mostly to blame for the appalling disease rates that now afflict our beloved animal friends.  Arthritis cripples many older animals. Cancer kills them with deadly precision. Many also suffer Diabetes and have heart problems.  In response to the CONSTANT FLOW OF INQUIRIES, we have decided to establish our very own Holistic HealthCare Center for Pets Online.

Just email us your questions of what to do and we will answer each one, instantly.  Also, we'll give you advice on which Master Formulas to use for your pets and the exact dosages.  You'll get special, health-generating, optimum health diets for your cats and dogs instead of poisoning them unintentionally with dangerous commercial pet foods which are full of crippling additives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings and meat proteins rejected by the human food-chain inspection process.

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Wayne Garland's Master Formulas
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