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Kids are our greatest resource for the future!  They need more good nutrition than adults!  Keep them bursting with health & energy--free of obesity, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, heart disease and cancer/leukemia!  This is your online self-help center!

Our mission has always and will always be to help save the world, one person at a time.  Some of our greatest successes have been with children.  To see Chelsea Street today at 11 years of age, bursting with health and vitality when just a few years ago, she was on death's door in the Cancer and Leukemia ward in San Diego, is one of the greatest "presents from God" and evidence of our formulas capacities.

This part of our website, is to help you give your child, your children, all the very best in nutritional advice and caring.  It is regularly updated with breaking news and latest developments.

Unless unusually or chronically ill, a child is born with a well-developed, powerful immune system and with every system at peak efficiency. He or she often needs only the subtle body-strengthening forces that nutritious foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals supply, rather than the pharmaceutical medications that doctors ram down their throats which invariably have terrible side-effects on a small, innocent body.  The overuse of dangerous vaccinations from the second the child arrives in our world also compromise the child enormously.  

The undeniable ecological, sociological and diet deterioration in America during the past fifty years has had a marked effect on children's health.  Declining educational performance, learning disabilities, mental disorders, drug & alcohol abuse, obesity,  hypoglycemia, epidemic-level diabetes, allergies, chronic illnesses, delinquency and violent behavior such as at Columbine High School-- straight from the doors of Hell itself, are all evidence of the severe, declining immunity and general health of our children.


NATURE & Wayne Garland's Master Formulas---

It's not all doom and gloom.  A wholesome diet can easily restore a child's natural vitality, very quickly.  We have a number of special product formulations we recommend for Children.  Particularly, our KidsMins and PhytoBlast.  Even children who have eaten a junk food diet for years, quickly respond to a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and whole foods.  This can happen in as little as a month's time.  A child's hair and skin take on new luster and tone, they fill out if they are too skinny, and lose weight if they are fat.  They sleep more soundly and regularly.  Their attention spans markedly increase, violent behavior abates and many learning and other behavior problems diminish or disappear.  

The big thing is to make it all FASCINATING AND FUN for the child, so they get intimately involved in their own health, and future longevity.  To that end, we've partnered with the amazing
Nutrition and Kids Foundation
(NAK) (see banner below) who are at the forefront of saving our children through nutrition.  Click the NAK link and order the fabulous NAK CD Game that uses fascinating games to teach children the basics of health.  

Also, email us about your child so we can tailor-make a program for your child.  We have a special dietary program that all children should be following.  Just click on the links to the right for more information.  You'll love them too!!!  But please, do all that you can.  Children are our future.  And also remember, we were all children once– now let us lead the way.

We feature Wayne Garland's Master Formulas, VQ's Original Master Formulas from Wayne Garland.

Wayne Garland's Master Formulas recommended for kids


Nutrition & Kids Foundation (NAK) & Game CD

Master Formulas Recommended for Kids

Overweight Kids
 Get Sicker Quicker

Sad But True,
Parents are Guilty

Wayne Garland's
Diet for Kids



Wayne Garland's Master Formulas
recommended for kids

4 in 1 Chewables

Phytonutrient Complex

Shark Liver Oil

Brain Anti-Aging

Blood Sugar formula

Fat Burner




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