Dia-B Blood Sugar Formula

  Helps Regulate Blood Sugar and Insulin

Medical researchers tell us that fully ONE-THIRD OF AMERICA suffers from insulin irregularities. Diabetes is now a rampant epidemic and medical science has no effective answer. Mother Nature does!!! This extraordinary formulation uses a deft combination of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicinal compounds in combination with the miracle minerals Chromium and Vanadium to regulate blood sugar, control insulin and repair damaged cells. These "smart ingredients" control Glucose Tolerance Factors while increasing vital "islet" cell communication so the pancreas can return to normal insulin production and subsequent blood sugar control. People who have used this formulation also found heighten results with our PROTEIN PLUS FORMULA and our Cholesterol and Homocysteine formulation, CHOLESTEINE.

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                                Item#1140 - (120 capsules/bottle)


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