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Canned Cannibalism!!!
Like us humans, the diseases afflicting our pets-- now in epidemic proportions, all got their start with the dangerous additives and preservatives added to their food chain.  In 1983, the pet food industry petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to allow the use of "by-products".

This covers everything from hide and hair, feathers, heads, hooves, fecal matter and even blood-soaked sawdust from the slaughter house floor.  Since AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) don't restrict the type or quality of animal proteins that can be used in pet food, these "by-products" include destroyed dogs and cats, road-kill, and "4D Meats" (Dead, Diseased, Dying and Disabled).  They are the prime meat sources in the vast majority of commercial pet food.
In 1990, the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper broke a story that euthanized companion animals were being found in pet food The American Veterinary Medical Association and the FDA confirmed the story.  Also, the Sodium Phenobarbital that is used the euthanize pets is so strong, it withstands the food rendering process so the poison is slowly being injected into our animals by us, unwittingly.

"I Wouldn't Feed That to a Dog!!!"
The amount of chemicals found in commercial brand pet food is staggering.  These are there to improve the taste, stability and appearance of the food.  Additives provide NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE.  Additives include emulsifiers to prevent water and fat from separating, antioxidants to prevent fat from turning rancid and artificial colors and flavors to make the product more attractive to consumers (!!!) And more palatable to the pets.

All commercial petfoods must be preserved so that they stay fresh and appealing to the pet.  Some preservatives are added to ingredients such as raw materials and others may have been added by the final processing-manufacturers as well.  Because manufacturers need prolonged storage, fats used in pet food are preserved with either Butylated Hydroxyanisole, propolyn gallate or propylene glycol (antifreeze).  These potentially cancer-causing agents are permitted at relatively low levels.
Besides the cancer, other deadly conditions such as bowel blockages, kidney disease and skin tumors have all been directly linked to the additives and preservative/colorings and flavorings found in commercial pet food.  Would you knowingly feed that to your pet?

Just Say "NO!"
As responsible and loving pet owners and consumers, we have the choice to provide our companion animals with "real" and "nutritious food".  For many years, care givers have tried to avoid feeding their pets "people food", having been warned by veterinarians that doing so can cause health problems.

These veterinarians are usually selling expensive commercial petfood in their clinics and you need to fire them!  The first step is ensuring your pet's health and longevity is to avoid such products and PREPARE THE FOOD YOURSELF!!!  It is not difficult and there are sample diets and recipes provided her for you on the "Pet Diet" link.  You can easily supply your pet with all the nutrition it requires by doing this and providing ultra-powerful super-healing nutrition with our Master Formulas as well.


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