AntiOxidant Free Radical Control

  Helps Prevent Cell Damage 

Hundreds of research studies overwhelming confirm the health benefits of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body against agents of disease called "free radicals" which cause chemical reactions (oxidation) that destroy cells and damage tissues. Oxidation is thought to be not only one of the most common mechanisms of disease, but also the basis of the aging process. Free radicals cannot be avoided: ultraviolet light, for example, is a common source. Therefore, it is essential to take as powerful an antioxidant formula as possible in order to counteract this process and prevent the degenerative diseases of aging, in particular, cancer and heart disease.  This remarkable, new, super-upgraded formulation combines the best of Ancient Wisdom from the healing masters of the East with the latest, cutting edge nutriceutical technology of the West.  No less than 130 individual ingredients from mineral, herbal, phytonutrient, & super vitamin sources have been precisely combined to create possibly the world's most powerful  Antioxidant/Free Radical Control formulation.

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