Master Formulas for Kids

Kids Mins Total Nutrition System
A yummy, one-a-day multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, digestive enzyme and immune booster formula that kids love.
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Concentrated liquid Phytonutrients for the whole family.  Do your kids get their 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day?  This supplement provides the benefits of 41 different fruits and vegetables in each tablespoon!
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Ocean Gold Shark Liver Oil Gelcaps
Shark's don't get Cancer. Help make sure your kids don't either.
Dosage: up to 50lbs body weight; one gelcap a day.
up to 75lbs body weight; two gelcaps a day.
up to 100lbs body weight; three gelcaps a day.
over 100lbs; four-six gelcaps a day.
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Mind Power/Brain Anti-aging Formula
Helps with attention deficit and learning problems. Boosts intelligence, memory capacity and thinking abilities.  Same dosage regimen as with Ocean Gold Formula. (Click here to order)

Dia-B Blood Sugar Formula
Superb natural formula for Diabetes and hypoglycemia.
Same dosage as with Ocean Gold and Mind Power Formulas.
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Night Time Fat Burner
Helps gently burn fat while your child is sleeping and turns off the "fat factory" during the night when most fat formation occurs.
Dosage: Under 50lbs, one capsule before going to bed.
Under 75lbs, two capsules. Under 100lbs, three capsules.
Under 150lbs, four capsules. (Click here to order)

Tolerance Anti-Anxiety Formula
Helps with attention deficit problems and the stress of school.
One capsule with each meal and one before going to bed.
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Nutrition & Kids Foundation (NAK)
& Game CD

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