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A Fat Nation--It needs all the help it can get throughout most of human history, food was scarce, and getting a hold of it required a great deal of physical energy.  Those who ate as many calories as they could, were protected against famine and had the energy to reproduce.  As a result, humans are hard-wired to prefer rich diets, high in fat, sugar and variety.  The problem today is that there is a complete mismatch between biology and the environment.  Our physiology tells us to eat whenever food is available.  And now, food is nearly rammed down our throats at every conceivable second from street vendors to fast food palaces of junk food.  Entire TV shows are dedicated to the glory of cooking and eating.  Chefs are now celebrities.   The marketing of eating, eating and eating more is now a multi-billion dollar industry with no end in sight.  But it's quickly killing the country.

According to the U.S. Surgeon Generals report released last December, more than 61% of us are overweight and 27% of them, more than 50 million people, are dangerously obese.  In the next decade, weight-related illnesses threaten to overwhelm the healthcare system.  New evidence from the Framingham Heart Study shows that obesity DOUBLE THE RISK OF HEART FAILURE.  A man with just 22 extra pounds has a 75% greater chance of having a heart attack.  Gaining just 11 to 18 pounds doubles the risk of developing Diabetes, an illness that has increased by a staggering 50% in the past decade.  
Weight is also taking a heavy toll on the nation's children.   The percentage of 6 to 11 year-olds who are overweight has nearly doubled in two decades and for adolescents the percentage has tripled.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however,
California legislators just passed a bill scheduled to take effect in 2004 that sets nutritional standards for food sold in elementary schools and effectively bans sodas, high-fat foods and fruit drink with less than 50% juice or with added sugar.

A bill to phase out soft-drink sales in all schools however failed.  The food industry opposed the bill (duhhh!) but so did the California Teachers Association, which argued that schools would be deprived of needed cash.   For society to fund education by promoting consumption of more and more fat and sugar gives us all something sobering to contemplate.   It is among the very worst kinds of investments we as a country could possibly make.   But Mother Nature has the answer, as always.  Along with good old fashioned exercise.  Obesity and being overweight is a "foot and mouth disease".  Move our feet with exercise each day and watch what we put into our mouths will solve the problem in days, not months.

At the Center of Science in the Public Interest working with the West Virginia University, they waged a "1% or Less" campaign recently to persuade people to use low-fat milk.   After eight weeks of paid advertising and a PR blitz, as many as 38% of high-fat drinkers in four West Virginia communities switched to low-fat milk.

The campaign costs little more than the equivalent of a coronary bypass operation, yet it reduced dietary saturated fat--and heart risk--for an estimated 30,540 people.   Eat just 5 fruits and veggies a day also work wonders.  If you can't, at least make sure you take our Phytoblast.  Switching from red meat, pork and fried chicken is the next step.  The wonders of soy milk and tofu instead of meat are now making headlines nearly every day.  And getting out and just walking briskly every day for 30 minutes or more, will burn off amazing amounts of calories.  Doing it early works best of all as it kick-starts the body's metabolism and it runs at a faster pace all day long, thus burning more calories throughout the day.  The Master Formulas are also in Mother Nature's arsenal.

The new 24 Hour Diet for instance, is the first diet program to recognize that fat formation happens every split second of the day, 24 hours a day.  This amazing new program stops that happening, people even lose weight while they sleep--which is when most fat formation occurs in the zero-activity hours.


The Fat Free Zone is the first electronic food coach in the world.   The brains of some of the smartest and most astute food and diet doctors back it on the planet.  And they are available to answer all your diet and weight loss questions.   We will actually put together a step by step program for you when you email us your details.  You even get the special recipes for smart, weight reducing soups, broths, stir-fries and meals that heal.  Just complete the sign up information box below and get started.

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How Does Being Overweight Affect
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Being overweight has numerous negative
health and social consequences, including significantly higher
risks to a wide variety
of debilitating and degenerative diseases such as heart disease
and cancer.


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