The Quest to be Slender


*Fat makes fat.  Keep your food intake of fatty and fried foods as low as possible.

*Eat an apple, an orange, a melon, a banana and a carrot every day.

*Restrict the Big Macs to once or twice a week.  Become strong.  Use this type of food as a reward not a staple.

*Have a big, green salad every day for lunch.  They even serve them now at McDonalds.

*Try to switch to low-fat milk or best of all, to soy milk, which has NO FAT OR CHOLESTEROL.

*Cut out the creamy sauces, they're full of sugar and fat and extra calories.

*Have the Miracle Potassium Broth (under Meals that Heal) every day, it burns fat and supplies a glut of energy.

*Dieting is a commitment.  Commit to any program for at least 90 days.  If you're not committed you're not giving the diet or your body a fighting chance.  Safe, healthy diets like our 24 Hour Diet program don't work artificially over night.  They work with your body over time to get effective long term results.  And the longer you stay committed, the easier the  lifestyle changes are.

So follow these tips and stay committed.  This is your life we're talking about here!!!

Stay focused.  You're getting skinny already!!!

Throw Out the
Shakes and Toxic
Appetite Suppressants!

Forget about counting calories, eating
expensive prepackaged tastless foods, playing
card games or resorting
to dangerous surgical procedures.

Finally there is an effective, naturally
sourced weight management system
that supports the body
for long-term
weight-loss success!

Introducing the 
24 Hour Diet!



Too Much Food,
Too Much Bad Food!

Box of Diet Tips

The Dangerous
Diabetes-Obesity Link!




The Amazing
24 Hour Diet



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