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Say good-bye and GOOD RIDDANCE to those STUBBORN POUNDS you can't get rid of!!!  The miraculous 24-HOUR DIET is here, AT LAST!!!  This is the DIET BREAKTHROUGH you've been PRAYING for.  Now you know WHY OTHER DIETS DON'T WORK!!!  They DON'T UNDERSTAND how the body works.  That's why pounds stay on and REFUSE TO GO!!!  It's just NO USE and a WASTE of hard-earned money to go on a diet that only works PART of the day.  Your body is very CUNNING.  It gives up a couple of quick pounds, then STOPS!!!

To really lose weight FAST and FURIOUSLY, you have to burn fat and lean the body every SPLIT-SECOND OF THE DAY, 24 HOURS, DAY AND NIGHT.  That way the BODY HAS NO EXCUSE!!!  IT HAS TO LOSE POUNDS!!!

How does this incredible new diet work? 
Not one formula but three!  They work in tandem.  One for the day; one for the evening; one while you sleep!!!

The GENIUS OF THIS DIET is in its simplicity.  It "KNOWS" that your body is operating 86,406 SECONDS A DAY!!! 

Throw Out the Shakes
and Toxic Appetite Suppressants.

Forget about counting
 calories, eating expensive prepackaged tastless foods, playing card games or
resorting to dangerous
surgical procedures.

Finally there is an effective, naturally sourced weight management system
that supports the body
for long-term
weight-loss success!


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This 24-HOUR DIET works EVERY SECOND to burn fat and lean the body and get RID OF THE OVERWEIGHT BAGGAGE!!!  To do it, in conjunction with medical doctors and a team of fat specialists, we devised a means of giving the body THE THINGS IT NEEDS CONSTANTLY, on a SPLIT-SECOND BASIS, ALL DAY & NIGHT to lose weight and TURN OFF THE FAT FACTORY inside you.  The Only Diet in Existence that Works a Full 86,400 Seconds a Day!!!

The 3 Formulas that make up the 24 Hour Diet:
1. RapidBurn Metabolic Carb Control
Rapid Burn is a nutraceutical/technological miracle breakthrough that has THREE PATENTS for its fat burning/food craving control/metabolic energy boosting capacities.  And it is totally Ma Huang or Ephedra compounds are used, just time tested, natural elements that fight hunger, push carbs out of the body, stop fat formation from occurring and that dramatically boost energy–so you burn even more fat.  It works 4 ways to get you SLIM and LEAN and VERY, VERY FAST:   (MORE)

2. Protein Plus Chromium Chelavite (U.S. Patent #5,614,553)
Dr. Atkins was right!!!  You can't burn fat without protein.  And you need DYNAMITE PROTEIN to do it.  This all-vegetable, non-animal protein formula works like GANGBUSTERS to burn fat FAST.

3. Night Time Fat Burner Formula
Scientists tell us that 34% of all fat is formed WHILE YOU SLEEP!!!  People don't realize that this is where all the good you do during the day is lost!!!  Those days are over.  This formula comes in behind the first two, who have worked hard all day and night and then it MAKES DARN SURE the fat doesn't come back. 

Now you can save over 45% on these 3 Formulas.  Purchased separately
they cost $110!  Get the 24Hour Diet for only $59.95!!!  

Plus you receive FREE Membership in the "FAT-FREE ZONE".  The World's first Online Diet Center & Information Bureau.

"I thank you and commend you for the formulation of the 24 hour diet. I have tried many other weight loss programs only to get bored and give up. A month ago my knees starting hurting and I knew I had to lose some weight. When I found myself turning desserts away, I knew this was the right plan for me. Since I started this program three weeks ago I have lost eight pounds."
                             - K. Ayala

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