Wayne Garland's Master Formulas and Contagious Health

Wayne Garland was a leading expert in the field of naturopathic healing and was the creator and formulator of the miraculous line of nutriceutical products called Wayne Garland's Master Formulas".  Wayne Garland has a powerful personal story of cancer survival that led him to a quest around the world to the ancient origins of healing and then to learn from the greatest healing masters in the world--from Tibet to Hunzaland, from the fabled Drum Mountain in Fuzjou (where the monks who live there are said to "never die" they're so healthy), from the dusty plains of India to the tropical rain forests of South America and the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China where he still maintains a working relationship.  Everything learned on his fabulous journey to wellness, he shares with us in each and every one our Wayne Garland's Master Formulas. The Original Master Formulas from Wayne Garland, for Contagious Health 

Wayne Garland, the creator and formulator of the
Master Formulas 

"Wayne Garland's Master Formulas". 

"Wherever a healing modality is being successful we have incorporated it into our special product formulations. These are the same results many of you know about or have experienced yourself. They create an amazing condition I call "Contagious Health". Your body literally gets healthier and healthier instead of sicker and sicker. This is truly a metamorphosis of generation health to fight disease - doing what we intended to do in the beginning - TO HEAL THE WORLD, ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

Now Mr. Garland has brought his expertise and his formulations to
VisionQuest.  This new partnership is exciting for all caring people concerned about fighting disease and obtaining radiant, contagious health.


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